Thursday, June 17, 2010

NV-Sen: "Extreme Makeover: Sharrontology Edition"? Don't Believe It!

(And btw, if you want to learn more about the radical right "laissez faire" philosophy driving Sharrontology and "her suitors" pulling the strings behind the scenes, Desert Beacon has more essential reading for us today.)

So Jon Ralston is now amazed by the transformation of Sharrontology Obtuse Angle. Is she suddenly now "mainstream"? Is she suddenly someone Nevada voters want to support?

This is what the national GOoP is hoping for. That's why they're trying to hide Tea Nut Queen Sharrontology, along with Tea Nut King "Ayn" Rand Paul, from public scrutiny.

It's no accident or coincidence that Republicans in Washington are trying to shield Senate candidates Rand Paul and Sharron Angle from the national, and even local, press.

Remember the GOP establishment didn't want these far-right, insurgent candidates in the first place, and now Republicans fear that in the year of the tea party, Paul and Angle could become the face of the party for the midterm elections. That could present an image to voters that screams radical more than it does electable.

Each time Paul or Angle stray from party talking points by promoting Social Security privatization, abolishing the Department of Education or backtracking on the Civil Rights Act, more moderate Republican candidates have to field questions about whether they agree on those issues. And every day that the Republicans are having to defend themselves against those questions is a day they lose, rather than focusing it on the economy, Obama, and the Democrats' agenda.

Now this is what they're afraid of. The GOoPers are afraid of us learning about the truth of Sharrontology and what she really wants.

The Alliance for Retired Americans, an AFL-CIO-affiliated group, has been staging a series of events of senior citizens throughout the state. An event was held outside of an Angle campaign office late last week, and a demonstration also occurred at the state Republican headquarters this week. Another event was also held Wednesday, at the Cambridge Community Center in Las Vegas, and another event is set for Thursday in Sparks.

We asked Alliance spokesperson Laura Markwardt about the organization's push going forward. "It's definitely a big issue for Nevada and nationally, as the senior population grows in this country," said Markwardt. "Sharron Angle's stances are obviously -- she's come out and said some very abrasive things, has some dangerous plans and would like to dismantle Social Security and Medicare."

During the primary campaign, Angle said that she wanted to phase out the two programs, for something private -- which the Reid campaign has already made into a TV ad. She also said that while details would have to be worked out on the manner of implementation for privatization, "The idea of privatizing and getting out of Medicare and Social Security is not up for grabs." [Emphasis mine.]

No wonder why the DC GOoPers are afraid of us "unwashed at home". They don't want us "unwashed masses" realizing the trick they're trying to pull on us with Sharrontology.

Yesterday, Nevada GOP Senate candidate Sharron Angle “introduced herself to a very curious Senate Republican Conference” at their weekly caucus lunch. Apparently, the “Republicans walked away impressed.” “I hadn’t met her. I was impressed by what she had to say, and she did interact with several of our Members,” Sen. John Thune (R-SD) told Roll Call. Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-GA) said she “did a good job” and gave the kind of speech she wouldn’t “give to the unwashed back home” [...]

According to the dictionary, referring to the masses as “unwashed” is “derogatory.” Wiktionary says it refers to “The collective group (‘mass’) of people who are considered by someone to be somehow uneducated, uninformed, or in some other way unqualified for inclusion in the speaker’s elite circles.”

Whoops! Did they let it slip who's really running Tea Party, Inc.? Did they reveal, just for a moment, who's pulling the strings of the Sharrontology campaign marionette?

And remember, they're trying to make you, me, Ralston, and everyone else in Nevada forget about the real Sharrontology Obtuse Angle...

So she can slip in, and they can resume what they started under George Bush's Presidency, which was the redistribution of wealth and power from the working class majority to a few ultra-wealthy elitists. Yes, you heard me right. Tea Party, Inc., may claim to be "populist", but what they're really about is anything but. Tea Party, Inc., is really the "front group" for the very corporate powers that be that caused The Great Recession we're just starting to get out of.

Don't believe me? Follow the money trail. And see who's running it. Behind the smoke and mirrors of "the grassroots army" are corporate titans like Koch Industries (infamous for funding radical right groups, see Desert Beacon to learn about what they believe), GOoP operative (and former House Majority Leader) Dick Armey, corporate lobbyists, the Wall Street powers that be, the insurance industry, and so much more.

So this is what it's really all about... But shhh, the national GOoP doesn't want us to know. They think an "extreme makeover" of Tea Party, Inc., along with their preferred candidates like Sharrontology Obtuse Angle and "Ayn" Rand Paul, will be just enough to dupe us into letting them have their way. Let's prove them wrong!

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