Monday, June 7, 2010

A Quick Summary of the 2010 Election Coverage So Far from "The 'Newspaper' That Shall Not Be Named"

Mr. Gleaner did a nice job today of explaining the real reasoning behind that "newspaper" and its decision to chicken out of a US Senate GOoP Primary endorsement (pun intended). However, I must also say that Ms. Vegas Tea Room might have done an even better job of summing up everything the "newspaper" has been saying these last few months.

Bullshit, crap, more crap, blow job for Ronald Reagan, miss old Ronnie, hate Harry, bullshit, more bullshit, pure unadulterated crap, derivative crap, insightful conservative hate speech, more crap, small turds, bigger turds, little rat publisher flatulence, bla, bla bla, love the governor, all lies about the governor, the governor didn't do any of that, apologist, flatulence, still hate Reid, both of them, Shelley Berkley, lucky she's in that gerrymandered district, more flatulence, Dina Taxes is in trouble, she won but she's in trouble, hate democrats, love the tea baggers, love the conservatives, lovin Ronnie Reagan, George who?, bullshit, crap, more crap, the only thing I like about the beltway is the name, damn people speeding, crap, bla, crap, bla, shit, bla ffffffffffftttttttt(a tribute to Mad Magazine!)

There you have it, folks. The essence of the much ridiculed celebrated 2010 Election coverage from the "newspaper" most of Las Vegas is embarrassed to call our own.

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