Thursday, June 10, 2010

NV-Sen: Everyone's Talking About Sharrontology!

It seems the folks outside Nevada are just now starting to realize who Sharrontology Obtuse Angle really is and what she actually stands for.

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Heh. I guess this does sound almost rational...

Compared to this!

Yes, my dears, the national media and DC punditry class are just now realizing how extreme Sharrontology really is!

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And while the national GOoP is embracing her as their "Queen of Tea Party, Inc." alongside "King of Tea Party, Inc." Rand Paul, Nevada GOoPers are now afraid their party will face the same problems plaguing Kentucky's.

Though it’s early, there were mixed signs on whether Angle — who rose from single digits in the polls to a victory over one-time front-runner Sue Lowden — could gather widespread support. National Republicans rallied around her. But some moderate Nevada Republicans backed away, questioning the soundness of her conservative stances and openly doubting her chances of beating Reid.

In a conference call with reporters Wednesday, the Republican National Committee embraced Angle, pledging resources to help run an aggressive voter identification and turnout operation in the general election. Michael Steele, the group’s chairman, said the organization tasked with aiding Republican candidates would work with Angle’s camp to boost her threadbare campaign over the next 10 days.

“She will be more than ready and more than prepared,” he said.

Steele sidestepped a question about Angle’s vulnerability on issues such as Social Security and Medicare. [...]

But there’s a distinct uneasiness with Angle in Nevada GOP circles. She has often clashed with the party’s establishment and its more centrist wing on taxes and their compromises on policy proposals such as a property tax cap that she opposed on constitutional grounds. [...]

[Bill] Raggio [(R-Reno), State Senate Minority Leader], whom Angle nearly defeated in 2008, said: “It’s doubtful Sharron Angle can garner the Democrat and independent support necessary to win against Harry Reid. Her views are extreme. Many good Republicans would find it hard to subscribe to those positions.”

Sig Rogich, the GOP Nevada operative and former presidential adviser who is co-chairman of “Republicans for Reid,” said he began receiving phone calls from establishment Republicans as the election results rolled in Tuesday. Although he declined to disclose their names, he said 13 Republicans, some of whom backed Angle’s rivals, wanted to join Reid’s campaign. Rogich said a list would be forthcoming.

“I’m very confident that we’ll have a lot of Republican support for Harry Reid,” he said. “I think we’re going to be able to expand this Republican group significantly. As active Republicans, it’s very difficult for them to support someone who wants to get rid of Social Security.”

And looky here, we already have one publicly jumping ship! Republican Reno Mayor Bob Cashell is now endorsing Harry Reid!

Yep, it looks like Sig Rogich is just waiting for Raggio and a few more of those few non-extremist Republicans left to escape the Bad Ship Nevada GOoP before Captain Sharrontology sinks it! And behind the scenes, even the national GOoPers are getting all jittery over Sharrontology.

The fledging anti-tax movement — also a thorn in the side of incumbents and the national leadership of the two major political parties — claimed a victory in Nevada, where a perennial conservative activist won the right to take on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in the fall. [...]

Sharron Angle's win in Nevada might also be viewed as a victory for Democrats. She has quickly become the symbol of a Republican Party turn to the right — and away from moderate voters — that Democrats hope will help them avoid widespread losses this fall. [...]

The tea party movement's win in Nevada will probably have a more dramatic impact — although perhaps not the one conservatives intended. Angle has staked out several positions that could be hard to make palatable to independent and moderate voters.

Angle has supported the eliminating the Environmental Protection Agency, something Democrats will be eager to make her explain as oil is soiling the waters and killing the wildlife of the Gulf of Mexico.

So perhaps the national GOoP shouldn't get too giddy about their sweet Sharrontology. Wait until more Nevadans learn about who she really is...

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