Friday, June 25, 2010

If You're Also an NSDP Delegate, I'd Really Appreciate Your Support. Thanks!

In case you also happen to be an NSDP Delegate attending the Nevada State Democratic Convention tomorrow, I hope you'll consider voting for me for Executive Board Member-at-Large (from Clark County). I'd really appreciate your support. Thanks! :-)

Dear Friends & Fellow Activists,

My name is Andrew Davey, and I am running for NSDP Executive Board Member-at-Large... And here’s why.

I may still be fairly new to Nevada, but I’m not new to progressive activism. Since I first involved with the Democratic Party back in 2005, when I joined my college’s Dem Club, I have been dedicated to growing this party, helping our candidates win, and fighting for what we and our party believe in. And ever since my first fiercely contested Congressional Campaign in 2006, I’ve learned how to build good relationships and how to organize. And ever since then as I’ve worked more on my advocacy for LGBTQ equality, health care for all, and sound environmental policy, I’ve learned how to work with our elected officials to promote strong progressive values.

Since moving to Southern Nevada last summer, I have jumped directly into “fighting the good fight” here. I currently serve as Secretary & Political Director for the Stonewall Democratic Club of Southern Nevada, and I have gotten my jump start on volunteering for local Democrats in my neighborhood. I want to continue to get involved, work in my local community, and get more and better Democrats elected here in Nevada. This is why I want to be your E-Board Member-at-Large.

Ever since getting to work for Stonewall last summer, I’ve had some “on the job training” and have quickly learned how to be effective here. I want to take the same lessons I’ve learned there and with my other advocacy projects here, and apply them to this position so I can do my best to serve the Nevada State Democratic Party and keep us winning in 2010, 2012, and beyond.

Thank you for your consideration, and I hope I can count on your support this weekend

- Andrew Davey
Proud Nevada Democrat

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