Wednesday, May 19, 2010

NV-Sen: Desperately Seeking Suzy... Or Lusting After Sharron? And Harry Just Smiles On.

Suzy Lowdown is in a complete free fall now. She's been caught in yet another whopper with her "BusGate" lies...

And KNPR today caught her red-handed in both BusGate and BarterGate! And speaking of BarterGate...

Suzy's lies keep catching up with her, and as a result her campaign is spinning out of control... And the teabagger crazies are now rallying around their new "Queen of Batsh*t Crazy", Sharron Angle. Look who just endorsed her today!

The Club For Growth has made its choice in the Nevada Senate race, picking tea party-backed former [State Assembly Member] Sharron Angle in the three-way Republican primary to go up against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

This brings the Club's considerable heft into a race that has seen GOP establishment favorite Sue Lowden fumble from her suggestion that people use the barter system to lower their health care costs -- infamously discussing how her grandparents' generation would bring a chicken to the doctor as payment. Former UNLV basketball player Danny Tarkanian is also competing with Angle for hardline conservative votes, and the Club's choice could potentially have a big impact. They've already had a strong cycle for Republican nominations, advancing Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania and Marco Rubio in Florida -- and they have taken credit for Utah Sen. Bob Bennett losing renomination at his state GOP convention.

And around and around and around we go, what the Nevada GOoP will ultimately do no one really knows! No really, they're in a tailspin right now. Their preferred candidate is in the middle of a very messy public breakdown. The batsh*t crazy wingnut gadfly who wasn't supposed to win is suddenly mopping up all the national teabagger endorsements (and campaign $$$$). Oh, and Jerry Tarkanian's crybaby son is still in his corner pouting.

And while all the GOoPers keep releasing their dirty hot air, someone in Searchlight is smiling.

And despite all the Beltway pundits saying otherwise, it looks like he's found a way to victory this year. ;-)

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