Tuesday, May 25, 2010

NV-Sen: Suzy Got Stood Up? Sharron Getting All the Corporate Funded Teabagger Love?

So Mr. Reno Mayor no longer wants to be seen with Suzy Lowdown? And Ms. Suzy doesn't know why? Well, here's a reminder:

No wonder why Bob Cashell is running away as fast as he can. Suzy Lowdown's campaign has become radioactive, and the GOoP establishment is more worried than ever before about Sharron Angle.

But that isn't stopping Sharron and her corporate funded buddies at "Tea Party, Inc." from running to her aid.

Wait, so who are these teabagger groups backing Angle? Citizens United? Tea Party Express? Are they really as "grassroots-y" as Sharron Angle claims?

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So we all know about Suzy Lowdown's campaign finance troubles and her record of putting her own financial interests over the best interest of the people, but Sharron Angle really likes to go around and tell people she's "the grassroots candidate". Really? When she's happily getting all this support from all these teabagger astroturf groups funded by the biggest corporate interests in the country?

So who is Sharron Angle really fighting for? Is this GOoP primary just one big kabuki theater?

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