Wednesday, June 9, 2010

NV-Sen: Bye Bye, Suzy & Danny... And Hello, Obtuse Sharron! (May You Lose Badly in November!)

Bye bye, Suzy!

Bye bye, Danny!

And hello, Ms. Obtuse Batsh*t Crazy Sharron Angle!

The primary is over, and the votes have been counted. And it looks like Obtuse Angle is the winner set to lose to Harry Reid in November.

But oh, why am I saying this? Isn't Harry Reid so unpopular? Isn't the saying, "Anyone Butt Reid"? You know what, people are waking up to reality.

Do we really want this crazy lady representing us in the Senate??!!

Do we really believe in this?

Do we really want this?

And in case you thought this was batsh*t crazy enough for Obtuse Sharron Angle, there's even more! She even openly supports armed militia out to fight the federal government on... CONCENTRATION CAMPS??!!

"We support what the organization stands for," Angle's husband, Ted, told TPMDC in a phone interview Monday. "Sharron does." [...]

According to the [Southern Poverty Law Center], Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes, a former staffer for Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) warns his followers against "a coming dictatorship" that will happen if "our brothers in arms go along and comply with unconstitutional, unlawful orders." An extensive report on the group by Mother Jones in March suggests supporters of the movement believe they're living through the first steps of the shift away from constitutional freedom. Members of the group -- many of them in the armed forces -- share the "belief that the government is already turning on its citizens, they are recruiting military buddies, stashing weapons, running drills, and outlining a plan of action [to stop it]," the magazine reported.

Angle's relationship with Oath Keepers hasn't been on the media radar, but she made a little-noticed attempt to woo the group's members at an event last fall, Rhodes told TPMDC Monday. [...]

Ted Angle told TPMDC he doesn't know if he or his wife are full-fledged members of the organization, but said that they fully stood behind its principles.

He "vaguely remembers" he and his wife being asked to join. "It's one of things we desire to have happen," he said about membership in the group. "I'm not sure if it has happened yet or not." [...]

Angle's endorsement of the Oath Keepers will only bolster that image. The group is preoccupied with nightmarish visions of U.S. citizens being marched into Nazi-style concentration camps. One part of the Oath Keepers' creed reads: "Such a vile order to forcibly intern Americans without charges or trial would be an act of war against the American people, and thus an act of treason, regardless of the pretext used. We will not commit treason, nor will we facilitate or support it.'NOT on Our Watch!'"


Obtuse Sharron is simply the wrong angle for Nevada.

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  1. This should, indeed, be a very interesting contest!