Wednesday, June 16, 2010

NV-Sen: While Everyone Else Notices...

While everyone else notices Sharrontology Obtuse Angle trying to hide that massive elephant in the room, the lovely folks at "The 'Newspaper' That Shall Not Be Named" would rather not be bothered by all the silly talk. Nope, they prefer to make their own silly talk and brainwash inform their sycophants readers on the latest radical right propaganda "news" of the day.

This is essentially what the "newspaper" is saying:

Bullshit, crap, more crap, blow job for Ronald Reagan, miss old Ronnie, hate Harry, LOVE SHARRONTOLOGY!!!, bullshit, more bullshit, pure unadulterated crap, derivative crap, insightful conservative hate speech, more crap, small turds, bigger turds, little rat publisher flatulence, bla, bla bla, love the governor... BUT LOVE BORN-AGAIN-TEABAGGER BRIAN SANDOVAL EVEN MORE!!!, all lies about SANDOVAL, GIBBONS WHO???, apologist, flatulence, still hate Reid, both of them, Shelley Berkley, lucky she's in that gerrymandered district, more flatulence, Dina Taxes is in trouble, she won but she's in trouble, hate democrats, HATE OBAMA OSAMA O-BLOMOLOMODINGDONG!!!, love the tea baggers, love the RADICAL RIGHT!!!, lovin Ronnie Reagan, George BUSH who?, JOHNNY CASINO ENSIGN WHO???, bullshit, crap, more crap, the only thing I like about the beltway is the name, damn people speeding, crap, bla, SHARRONTOLOGY FOREVER!!!!, GET OFF MY LAWN YOU LIL' LIBTARD WHIPPER-SNAPPERS!!!!, BULLSHIT, BULLSHIT, CRAP, CRAP, crap, bla, shit, bla ffffffffffftttttttt(a tribute to Mad Magazine!)

And to think, we have another four and a half months of this from the "newspaper" to look forward to! Enjoy! :-D

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