Friday, June 18, 2010

NV-Sen: Sharrontology Exposure

I guess Sharrontology Obtuse Angle couldn't stay quiet for too long. But funny enough, she still has a hard time admitting to the very positions she proudly took less than a month ago. Why is that?

Extremist Republican Senate nominees Sharron Angle and Rand Paul are attempting the same tactic [of pivoting away from their own extremism]. Despite entire careers built on the far right fringe, they are now attempting to recast themselves as reasonable moderates. Of course, Faux News has been there to help. [...]

As Angle and Paul, and their enablers at Faux, attempt to fool voters into electing candidates whose positions the voters clearly don't like, it will be incumbent upon us to keep a close watch and to keep the discussions honest. Because whatever Angle and Paul now do isn't what matters most. What matters most is what they will do if they get to Washington. And you can be certain that if they do get to Washington, they won't be the nice, sensible people they are now trying to pretend to be. They will be themselves.

At least 8 News Now was able to catch her yesterday, and we'll have to see how many more times Sharrontology forgets her RNC/NRSC reprogramming "coaching" and reveals her true self.

It's just as I said yesterday. Sharrontology Obtuse Angle is a true believer in radical right, anti-worker, laissez faire "corporatocracy"... Along with all her other wackadoodle beliefs that she wants us to forget about. But that's just it, we can't just forget all about it because she wants us to.

So she can run, but ultimately she can't hide forever. Sharrontology is now having to face the press... And the people. And no matter what her new DC handlers say about lying about her past and distracting from the facts, she can't just talk away her own record.

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  1. A very revealing video clip, which made both Olbermann and Maddow this evening.