Monday, June 28, 2010

No "Tea Party Nation" Convention Until October...

Hmmm, I wonder why.

A planned "unity" convention for tea partiers is being pushed to the fall, with organizers scrapping a major gathering with just 19 days before it was scheduled to go off. They cited heat and not being professional event planners, but the abrupt change in plans without a new date firmed up doesn't bode well for the fledgling group. [...]

"We were so excited about the tremendous success of the first convention, we jumped into this second convention without considering the timing. The heat in Las Vegas in July is keeping many who would like to participate from attending," organizers wrote. "We have also received numerous emails from people who were forced to decide between family vacations and attending the convention."

As TPM has documented, Tea Party Nation has had plenty of growing pains, including problems with top Congressional speakers pulling out of their first convention in Nashville.

Or could it be?

The change could give tea party favorite Sharron Angle, the original keynote speaker for the convention, a much needed spotlight on the eve of the general election.

But the delay also protects her from a national stage at the critical time she is under-going her general election metamorphosis. Angle has spent the past several weeks mostly avoiding mainstream media outlets, granting interviews to only conservative talk show hosts.

I guess we can now see why the teabaggers are so afraid of putting Queen Sharrontology on the national spotlight. She wants to re-ban alcohol (!!!). She loves Wall Street fat cats and hates middle class families. She hates Nevadans who have been hurt by the rough economy and need unemployment aid. She hates women who are forced to make difficult reproductive health care decisions, as she even opposes abortion in the cases of rape and incest (!!!). Oh, and did I mention she trashes seniors on Social Security as just more "welfare" cases?

And remember, we're just scratching the surface of the pure batsh*t crazy of Sharrontology. And more and more Republicans, like Barbara Vucanovich, are running away from Sharrontology as fast as they can. No wonder why the teabaggers are running scared...

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