Monday, May 17, 2010

NV-Sen: And the Wheels of the Bus Come off Suzy Lowdown's Campaign...

Oh, jeez. Here we go again. Suzy Lowdown has found herself another law to conveniently violate.

A campaign contributor is "leasing" Lowden the luxury RV she is using as her campaign bus, according to the Lowden campaign. But her name is on the title with the supporter, Carl Guiduci, which would indicate they co-own the bus.

Campaign finance rules allow in-kind contributions of $2,400 -- the same as the cash limit. The contribution of a luxury bus, which commonly costs more than $100,000, would be a violation of the law. [...]

The tan 2001 Monaco, which comes complete with kitchen, shower and bed, was bought by Giuduci in May 2009 from a Montana dealer, according to a public database of vehicle registrations. [...]

Charles Spies, an attorney for the campaign, wrote in an e-mail last week: "The RV is titled in its owner's name (not Sue Lowden or Lowden for Senate)."

In response to a records request, however, the DMV confirmed that Lowden is a title-holder with Giudici, indicating co-ownership status.

Later, the Lowden attorney sent a followup e-mail: "Although (Lowden) is not the owner of the vehicle (but instead is using it through a private lease agreement), (Lowden) and the owner are on the registration for insurance purposes."

By law, between the start of the campaign last year and next month's primary, Lowden can only accept $2,400 in free use of the vehicle from Giuduci, who gave a $2,200 in-kind vehicle donation last year; he gave another $200, meaning he is at his limit. Elsie Giuduci has given at least $2,360 in in-kind vehicle donations since last year, meaning she is also near if not at her limit. [...]

Melanie Sloan, a former prosecutor and now executive director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, took a dim view of the transaction. She said a bus donation would be a clear campaign finance violation. "He gave it to her. She owns it. She on the title, and it's in her custody and control. It's an excessive campaign contribution," she said.

Ah, the sound of Suzy Lowdown becoming increasingly desperate! She was so desperate to bash the health care reform legislation that Harry Reid made sure to pass that she tried to promote bartering as a "serious solution". She was then so desperate to make us forget "Barter-gate" ever happened that she tried to recycle Floyd Brown's discredited attacks on Harry Reid, MGM Mirage, and CityCenter... And she only made herself look like a fool again! And now, she gets caught for violating campaign finance law and taking a $100,000 luxury liner RV as an "in kind contribution".

Has Suzy Lowdown completely lost her mind? Is she even paying attention to her own campaign? Does she even know how to campaign?

Suzy Lowdown won't even win the Senate race, and she may not even survive the primary with this news breaking, but nonetheless her campaign will most certainly win the "EPIC FAIL Campaign of the Year" award! Take that as consolation, Ms. Suzy.

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  1. On the title for insurance purposes? Is that an NV law I'm not aware of, or the best they could come up with when caught in a lie? Are some things in Vegas that I wish wouldn't stay here. Maybe "angry" voters are attracted to someone like this, but I'll keep the faith that the majority will be informed voters who know our future cannot be placed back in the hands of those who lack both wisdom & integrity.