Thursday, June 3, 2010

NV-Sen, NV-Gov: Even Kos Admits Harry Reid Isn't Dead... But Work Still Cut out for Rory

My goodness! Can you feel the earthquake being felt from DC to SF? The DK/R2K poll is out, and...

It's the GOP's numbers that have fallen off a cliff. And one of them will emerge from the primary battered, bruised and broke, only to run into not just Reid's gazillions, but also with an agenda woefully out-of-step with Nevada.

I'll admit it -- I had written Reid off. But if there's a developing theme in this political season, it's the GOP's ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. And we can give the tea baggers a hearty and sincere "thank you" for doing the seemingly impossible -- making our bumbling Dems look good by comparison.

And why is he saying this?

General Election [June]

Harry Reid (D) 43 (41)
Sharon Angle (R) 37 (44)
Scott Ashjian (TP) 2 (5)

Harry Reid (D) 42 (41)
Sue Lowden (R) 38 (45)
Scott Ashjian (TP) 2 (4)

Harry Reid (D) 43 (41)
Danny Tarkanian (R) 39 (43)
Scott Ashjian (TP) 2 (6)

[Republican Primary]

Sharon Angle (R) 34 (13)
Sue Lowden (R) 25 (38)
Danny Tarkanian (R) 24 (28)


Reid (D) 40/52 (37/53)
Angle (R) 38/41 (41/29)
Lowden (R) 39/40 (42/34)
Tarkanian (R) 40/38 (44/33)


Harry Reid (D) 42
Sue Lowden (R) 51

Harry Reid (D) 41
Danny Tarkanian (R) 52

Reid (D) 34/55
Lowden (R) 45/26
Tarkanian (R) 48/31

As we had talked about yesterday, DC pundits are now starting to see in the Senate race what we've been seeing for some time. The Republicans have absolutely nothing to offer. They have no real policy solutions for anything. All they have are chickens and Scientology and famous last names. It's nice to see that Markos is also starting to understand now how our election is going.

But jeez, if only more of this magic could rub off on the Gube race...


Brian Sandoval (D) 51
Rory Reid (R) 41

Jim Gibbons (R) 31
Rory Reid (D) 52


Brian Sandoval (R) 48
Jim Gibbons (R) 27
Mike Montandon (R) 6

Ugh. I guess there's more to do to get Nevadans to realize what's really at stake. Yes, Jim Gibbons' horrible train wreck of a career in Carson City is mercifully coming to an end... But do we really want to be stuck with this guy?

Really, this guy?

This guy?

This guy??!!

Come on, THIS GUY??!!

Obviously, we still have our work cut out for us with the Gubernatorial race. Sandoval still thinks he can get away with telling the teabaggers one thing, more moderate-to-progressive groups something else, and the media something entirely different. And since we don't have much time left to expose him for what he really is, we need to get moving.

And Rory Reid's campaign needs to act! This was a good start, but he really needs to ramp it up and make a strong case to voters that he's the best candidate for Nevada's future. I sometimes wish he'd take stronger stances on tax reform (especially mining), but all in all I know he's more likely to fix our broken state government than someone (Sandoval) who's been a part of the same ol' game of "no new taxes" fallacies... Until it's such a gawd awful mess that we pass more regressive tax hikes and temporary quick fixes while still protecting the corporate fat cats and kicking the fiscal can even further down the road.

So there's plenty of hope for Nevada this fall... And plenty of work still left to do. I'm feeling increasingly confident about getting one Reid (the elder) past the finish line first, but let's see if both can ultimately make it. You know what I like to say: Two Reids, Infinite Possibilities". ;-)

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