Tuesday, June 8, 2010

LIVEBLOG for Tonight's Primary Results! Angle, Sandoval Win GOoP Primary

OK, who's ready to sit back and watch the primary results with me? We have The Sun & The RGJ. I'll have updates as soon as we get the first results...

Elko & Mineral counties will be reporting first. Early voting results from Clark (Las Vegas) and Washoe (Reno) should then arrive in a few more minutes...

UPDATE 7:38 PM: Elko is coming in, and Lowden & Angle split 31% each in the GOoP Senate race...

Meanwhile in the GOoP Gube primary, Sandoval launches to an almost 2-1 lead over Gibbons (56-29).

UPDATE 7:42 PM: OK, here's some news on our side... Jessica Sferrazza starts with a BIG lead in the Lt. Gov. Democratic primary.

: Clark County early vote numbers are now coming in, and Lowden is now leading Angle by only 3% (36-33). Remember that Clark was supposed to be "Suzy Lowdown Country"!

: Apparently, Angle is now taking a small lead in the GOoP Senate primary... And Angle just racked up a BIG lead in Washoe County early voting, so Suzy Lowdown HQ must be sweating bullets right now!

UPDATE 8:06 PM: Angle is ahead by only about 400 votes right now... But Humboldt County has just come in for Angle. And we've not yet received any Election Day results for Clark & Washoe...

UPDATE 8:09 PM: Meanwhile, AP has called the Democratic Senate primary for Harry Reid, as well as the Gubernatorial primary for Rory Reid. As expected, we'll get a "2-for-1 Reid special" in November... Will Nevadans take both? (Crossing fingers...) :-)

: Meanwhile, AP has called the GOoP Gube primary for Sandoval. Gibbons is now officially a lame duck... Yikes...

: Angle now leads Lowden by almost 2.6% in the GOoP Senate primary with 20.1% reporting...

: With just over 9% of Clark County precincts reporting, "Suzy Lowdown Country" shows Lowden with less than 2% lead... Not good for Ms. Suzy...

UPDATE 8:42 PM: And Sharron Angle is now starting to pull away with a 5% (almost 4,000 vote) lead! Angle keeps narrowing Lowden's Clark County lead while expanding her leads in all the other counties reporting (including Washoe).

: Sharron Angle now expands her lead to 7% (37-30) against Sue Lowden. Lowden's numbers all over aren't looking good, even in Clark County where Lowden leads by less than 1,000 votes.

: While we wait for some more Senate results, let's go back to the Dem side and look at our big primaries. Jessica Sferrazza holds a 42-19 lead over Bob Goodman in the Lieutenant Governor race with Paul Murad and Robert Randazzo both far behind. And in the SD 7 (Clark) race, Mark Manendo holds a strong 57-43 lead over Kathy McClain.

UPDATE 9:30 PM: The GOoP Senate race looks to be an Angle blowout as she now has an 11% lead over Lowden. This race is set to be called soon. And once again, someone from Searchlight is smiling. :-)

9:34 PM: And like that, AP calls the GOoP Senate primary for Angle! Bye bye, Suzy Lowdown! And get ready, my dear Obtuse Angle, to lose to Harry Reid in November! :-D


  1. Why are the results from NV coming in so slowly? Only 0.1% in at Politico. Are all the vote counters at the penny-slots drinking free beers?????

  2. Drew-

    Try Try The Reno G-J page. They seem to have the most up-to-date numbers right now. And yes, we may be waiting on vote counters trying to count the ballots while working on that winning video poker hand AND ordering another rum & coke. Hey, that's how we multitask in Nevada! ;-)

  3. That's a great way to multitask. Here in Florida, multitasking in Florida will soon include cleaning up oil from the beach. I think I'd rather be multitasking in Vegas.