Monday, June 21, 2010

Crazy Fun Video Night... Comes Back to FABULOUS LAS VEGAS!

I'm coming back, bitchez! Are you ready for moi? ;-)

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  1. Home to gawd-awful heat, inadequate mass transit, the regular appearance of cockroaches, insane UV numbers, people who drive freeway speeds on "regular" roads (which are actually wider than many freeways)..

    And home to the nation's most corrupt Mayor AND most corrupt Senator AND most corrupt Governor (adios!) We could have a Full House if only Dean Heller could make some negative headlines. But with the acts of truly insane people like Joe Barton to compete with, he'll never have a chance.

    Seriously, I can see visiting it on occasion just to take in all of the crazy (good and bad), but who the flying frig actually enjoys regularly making it as a LIVING out there? I don't think I will ever understand that.