Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why Don't Our Local Media Actually Cover Our Major Food Events?

So The New York Times got an interview with Pierre Gagnaire, the top notch French Chef set to make his US debut at Twist at Mandarin Oriental (at City Center) next month. John Curtas actually beat them to the punch in getting the first interview with him, so at least someone in our local media is noticing. So why aren't The Sun & The R-J?

No really, why aren't they? The R-J has a big story on the new Hard Rock Cafe on The Strip, but not on one of the biggest culinary events yet to happen in Vegas? At least The Sun recently did a story on Emeril and his Carnivale du Vin charity event last weekend, but it seems they're also not keeping up with all the food events in town.

Why is this? No really, why? Is this a holdover from the bad ol' days when "$4.99 prime rib" deals ruled the roost and food was an afterthought for the casinos? Las Vegas is now one of the top food towns... But one wouldn't know with the talk of the town consisting of this $6.95 "steak dinner", that $12.95 "prime rib special", or whatever other "cheapo" deal out there.

So then, I wonder what the problem really is. Is it that our media don't care about our local food scene? Or does it run deeper? Is it that we the people just don't care about our local food scene?

I know it's a recession and most people are looking to save money these days. Still, I don't see why we shouldn't boost our local economy. And doesn't it make more sense to spend our hard-earned cash somewhere where our money will stay? There are deals out there for those that know where to look.

Las Vegas won't really get the respect it deserves as a "foodie destination" until the locals here actually show some for our own food. I hope this happens soon. It's a shame that so many tourists enjoy so much of our amazing food while so many of us suffer the same ol' cheap crap.

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