Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Don't Like The Stripper-mobile? Too Bad, It's FREE SPEECH!

Remember all the unfortunate attacks on our freedom over the summer? I do, and that really disappointed me. Just when did Las Vegas become so puritanical?

Well, it seems like the ghost of Jerry Falwell won't stop haunting us. The "Moral Majority" is now targeting the perfectly legal Stripper-mobile.

If a couple of county commissioners get their way, however, it might soon be a late, great idea. Arguing that state and county laws prohibit the use of a public right of way for advertising-only vehicles, as well as the possibility that the distracting nature of the, ahem, advertising is such that it could cause accidents, commissioners plan to discuss it at Tuesday’s board meeting.

“You could have 10 of them out there pretty quick and a million people just staring,” Commissioner Steve Sisolak said Tuesday. “We have to get a handle on it before it gets too out of hand.”

Give me a break! Freedom may sometimes be "out of hand", but it's always worth defending. And come on, how is this more distracting than eating while driving, dressing while driving, texting while driving, phoning while driving, or any of the other things people do while driving?

But ultimately, I know this isn't really about "safety".

Business owner Marla Letizia previously defeated efforts to outlaw her company’s mobile billboards. She finds the stripper-mobiles “disgusting,” however, and hopes commissioners ban them.

“They won’t say it, but this is truly about content,” Letizia said. “It’s time someone in the community has the guts to say this is about class and decency in our community.”

Again, freedom may sometimes seem "indecent" or "tacky"... But it's always worth defending! This is just another slippery slope to start limiting our free speech rights. It may be Stripper-mobiles today, then "moving billboards" tomorrow and whatever YOU have on YOUR CAR the next day.

So stop with the moralizing and let these Stripper-mobiles drum up some business for our economy that's so badly in need. And if you don't like stripping, then don't go to a strip club! I don't, and I don't... But I'm still more than happy to speak up and defend their free speech rights.

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