Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Be Thankful for Pro-Equality Leaders in Congress

(Also at Stonewall)

While we have to sometimes deal with some lousy ConservaDems who don't always stand up for equality, let's be thankful this week for those brave progressives in Congress who do. Just FYI...

Stonewall Democrats
Dear Andrew,

There's been a lot of frustration about the pace of progress over the last few months.

Sign the thank you card!Here at Stonewall, we definitely share that frustration. When it comes to equal rights, there's no excuse for delay, and we have high expectations for this Congress. With strong Democratic majorities in both Houses of Congress and a President ready and willing to sign pro-equality legislation, this is a moment that must not be squandered.

It's important to hold our elected officials accountable -- we need to continue to push, continue to pressure -- but it's also important to express our appreciation.

During this Thanksgiving holiday, we're grateful for the pro-equality Democrats that have taken a strong lead in Congress to get things done for our community.

Can you take a minute to sign our Thanksgiving Card to the pro-equality leaders in Congress?

Democrats like Representative Patrick Murphy, who has taken a stand to fight for the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," and Representative John Conyers, who led the charge for passage of the Matthew Shepard Act, deserve our thanks.

Click here to sign our Thanksgiving Card to express your appreciation to Representatives Murphy, Conyers, and many more.

The more support we show for these Members of Congress, the easier it will be for other Members to join them in their support for our community, our families, our equal rights.

Have a wonderful holiday.


Michael Mitchell

P.S. Thanksgiving is a time for expressing our appreciation. But not everyone's worthy of our thanks. Check out our Thanksgiving "Turkeys" -- the Republicans who have worked hardest against our equality in recent weeks -- at www.stonewalldemocrats.org/thanksgivingturkeys

Contribute today!

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