Thursday, November 12, 2009

Harry Reid Is Asking for Our Opinion on the Health Care Bill

Text "C" to 42779 or vote here if you want him to keep fighting for a good public option!

Dear Andrew,
Last weekend health insurance reform took another big step forward when the House passed their bill on Saturday night. With each passing day, we're getting closer to finally fixing our tragically broken system.
The bill we merged from the Finance and Health committee versions is being scored by the CBO this week, and hopefully next week we'll be able to begin debate and continue moving this monumental legislation forward.
Our petition in support of a public option has been so successful (thank you 50,000+ signers!), I want to continue our conversation about health insurance reform. So today, we're launching an informal mobile survey that you can participate in via text message or online.
To vote, simply take out your cell phone and choose an option below, orparticipate online by clicking here. We'll text you the results, and you'll be registered to receive mobile updates from my campaign in the future.

What's the most important aspect of health insurance reform?

TEXT A to 42779 for:
Making sure people with preexisting conditions can get affordable insurance

TEXT B to 42779 for:
Prohibiting insurance companies from dropping people when they get sick

TEXT C to 42779 for:
Creating a public insurance option to lower costs by creating competition

TEXT D to 42779 for:
We should not reform health insurance, status quo is ok by me

TEXT your answer (A,B,C or D) to 42779 (HARRY) to vote

If you'd prefer you can take our mobile survey online by clicking here. Either way, thanks so much for participating, we'll be in touch with results soon.

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