Friday, November 6, 2009

Prop H8: Cali Voters Don't Want to Vote on Marriage Next Year, But WILL Vote for Equality This Time

So I guess they're reluctantly coming around? Hey, I'll still take it!

A small majority of California voters supports the right of gay couples to marry, but a much larger portion of voters opposes efforts to place the issue back on the ballot next year, a new Los Angeles Times/USC poll has found.

Views on same-sex marriage were sharply polarized based on political party, with 66% of Democrats thinking it should be legal and 71% of Republicans in opposition. Nonpartisan voters were less enthusiastic than Democrats but still backed it, 59%-34%.

Overall, 51% of California voters favored marriage rights for same-sex couples and 43% were opposed. Strikingly, however, almost 60% of Californians did not want to revisit the issue in 2010, just one election cycle after it last hit the ballot.

So what if they don't want to vote next year! If we have a majority for marriage equality in California, I hope our friends in The Golden State just go for it! After this week's brutal disappointment in Maine, it'd be nice to FINALLY see a state break this 31-0 losing streak and show the rest of the country that growing support for full LGBT equality is real.

So hopefully, this really is a glimmer of hope that California will come around and actually be the first state after all to affirm marriage equality by popular vote. I hope they succeed. :-)

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