Friday, November 6, 2009

Dems Still Growing, CReeps Still Shrinking, & Nevada Not So "Conservative" Any More

Again, so much for all that "momentum" for Rethuglicans here...

Democratic and Republican candidates are spending the most money but nonpartisan voters made the biggest gains in registration in October.

Secretary of State Ross Miller said there were 1,197,252 Nevadans registered to vote at the end of October, an increase of 525 from the previous month.

The nonpartisans picked up the most voters – 356 voters – giving them a total of 184,632.

Democrats continue to lead the pack with 523,345 voters, an increase of 182; Republicans total 425,635, down 116 voters from September; There were 49,196 signed up for the Independent American Party, 3,330 for the Greens, 6,973 in the Libertarian Party and 4,141 in other parties.

Clark County had 804,961 registered voters with 380,034 Democrats, 257,727 Republicans, 126,875 non-partisan, 31,717 Independent American, 2,001 Green, 4,317 Libertarian and 2,290 in other parties.

Heh. So no mo' Republican comeback? I guess not, since it isn't even happening here!

And again, I hope this disproves the notion that somehow Nevada is a "conservative state". Seriously it's outdated considering Obama won the state by 12.5% last year, comprehensive domestic partnerships for gay & straight couples were enacted this year, the majority consistently supports strong health care reform with a public option, and even a plurality now supports progressive tax reform. Nevada may not yet be some Massachusetts or Vermont liberal vanguard, but neither are we some mini Texas or Utah any more.

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