Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NV-Sen: Lowden the Lousy Liar

I can't believe this lady. Is she that inept? After denying Harry Reid's VERY serious bomb scare that happened almost 30 years ago, she's now denying she laughed about it.

[Radio host Ray] Hagar noted that Lowden was a Las Vegas news reporter at the time.

“It seems like a really big story, how could you forget that? And then you laughed about it on the radio,” Hagar said.

“I didn’t laugh about it, but I know it was made out to be that way,” Lowden said.

During Lowden’s appearance on Harris’ show, Harris told Lowden that she had never heard about the bomb and asked Lowden if she had heard of it.

Lowden said (without laughing) that she only remembered the bomb that exploded under colleague Ned Day’s car.

“I don’t remember Harry Reid’s bomb,” Lowden said (still, without laughing).

“So maybe he’s claiming Ned Day’s bomb,” Harris said.

Lowden gave a breathy chuckle. “Maybe,” she said.

Give me a break! Seriously, this lady isn't even a good liar. She's a joke. I hope Harry Reid defeats her all the way back to Santa Fe Station next year!

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