Monday, November 30, 2009

Johnny Casino Still Refuses to Resign, Agrees to Hand His Senate Seat to Dems in 2012, & Wants to Help Harry Reid Win in 2010

Haha. Johnny is a joke. And not only will he hurt his own party next year, but he even wants to help us reelect Harry Reid next year! YAY!

Republican Sen. John Ensign gives his first, full-length interview this morning since disclosing an affair last summer with a staffer, and says he is getting Republican requests to campaign in 2010, has no plans to resign and cannot understand the health care bill as it is written.

About the affair, Ensign said, “It’s something I deeply regret and wish I wouldn’t have done.”

He reiterated previous terrain -- that he made some calls to help the woman’s husband, Doug Hampton, one of his top aides at the time, land another job, but said he did nothing wrong and would comply with any federal investigations.

As for the belief that Ensign is hurting the embattled Republican Party in Nevada – Republican Rep. Dean Heller has said part of his decision not to challenge Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was because Ensign would be sidelined – the senator, who is not up for re-election, may indeed show up on the trail for Republican candidates.

“They want me involved in their campaigns,” Ensign said. “I want to be helpful, not hurtful.”

Yes, Johnny. You will be plenty helpful next year... For Harry Reid and Nevada Democrats! Please keep speaking up in public and campaigning for GOoPers, and please keep helping your party fall off that cliff and become even more irrelevant.

As long as disgraced idiots like Johnny Casino and Jimmy "Luv-Guv" Gibbons remain the face of Nevada Rethuglicans, that party will continue to struggle in this state. People here don't mind "alternative lifestyles", but they're not all that into moral hypocrisy. Let them come forward in 2010, and watch the Nevada GOP suffer. :-)

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