Tuesday, November 17, 2009

NV-Gov: Sandoval = Gibbons 2.0

If you hear anyone, especially someone who claims not to be a far-right teabagger, talk about how great Brian Sandoval is, remind that person why he's still tying himself to the Republican Party.

Jon Ralston explains.

Sandoval, who has been seen as a moderate vulnerable to Mike Montandon and Jim Gibbons on the right, is being feted by some very conservative folks, including at least two members of the Reno Tea Party (George and Jo Ritter). The event is hosted by Washoe Commissioner Bonnie Weber of the well-known conservative Weber family and ex-GOP Chairwoman Earlene Forsythe (Incestuous NV note: Her son-in-law, Steve Wark, is Montandon's chief political adviser.) at the Forsythe's Reno home. The list also includes Mendy Elliott, an ex-Gibbonsite just forced from her second state job.

Not sure this event isn't more about showing he can appeal to the right than raise a lot of cash (donations are suggested at $250).

And the quote on the invite from Sandoval gives me a reason to believe again: "These are trying times that require unique leadership, a roll up your sleeves and fight to get Nevada working again type mentality. That's why I'm running for governor."

I'm all lachrymose here.

Now remember that these were the same people backing "Luv-Guv" Jim Gibbons in 2006... And look at how the "wisdom" of Nevada's radical right has worked out for our state. So when anyone is gushing about how Sandoval's supposedly "different", remind that someone that Sandoval really is just another Republican offering no real solutions for this state.

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