Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We Queers Have Been "Trick Rolled"... AGAIN!

The Sun has a good article today on the revived phenomenon of "trick rolling", or prostitutes who promise their "Johns" a good night... Only to drug them unconscious and steal everything they have.

How many people file police reports, after all, when their prostitutes disappoint?

Enough, at least, for Metro vice detectives to determine the problem is getting worse, and assign two detectives to trick roll investigations exclusively. They’ve gotten roughly one case every day this year. In 2007 it was more like one a week.

That increase could have something to do with the economy. Fewer tourists with less money means supply exceeds demand. Prices drop and competition ratchets up for prostitutes, many of whom police say must meet nightly quotas set by pimps. Metro Sgt. Donald Hoier, though, says the problem picked up before the economy fell, simply because Clark County was saturated with sex workers and outlets for illicit entertainment.

When everybody scrambles for the same pool of money, bad seeds take short cuts.

Well, it feels like the Maine's LGBT community was "trick rolled" last night in a way. We thought there was a chance to win marriage equality, but the voters ultimately knocked us out and stole away all our rights. Does this mean I'm calling Maine voters hookers? Or us queer folk "Johns"?

I don't know. I guess I just need some dark humor right now.

It just feels so frustrating. I thought this could be our "penance" for allowing Prop H8 to pass in California. I really thought this could be a new beginning... Yet it feels like the same ol' sad story all over again.

Why do so many heteros get so much sick "joy" out of seeing us hurt? Why is discrimination like this celebrated? Why does it always feel like three steps forward, then two steps back?

I have nightmares of Californication right now. It feels so dark and scary right now...

Annie Lennox - Dark Road (Official Music Video) - More free videos are here

But maybe there's some light at the end of the tunnel that isn't another speeding train. I'm still trying to figure that out. It's another day of pain today, but maybe there will be one day soon when LGBT families will no longer be brutally attacked like this. America can be so cruel and disgusting so often, but somehow we still hold onto hope that one day "liberty and justice for all" will become reality.

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