Monday, November 9, 2009

Nope, Nevada GOoPers Still Have Nothing to Say on Health Care

Oh, wow. Miss Sue Low-down & Lil' Tark Shark open their mouths... And once again reveal themselves to be fools.

Republican candidates for U.S. Senate Danny Tarkanian and Sue Lowden, who are among several Republicans seeking the nomination to challenge Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., each made health care moves.

Tarkanian announced he would launch an initiative drive that would ensure that if states are given a choice to opt in or out of new federal health programs, the decision in Nevada would be up to the voters.

Tarkanian said he was opposed to much of the reforms the Democratic majority in Congress crafted, but that he does support access to health insurance coverage for all children even if it costs the government money.

Huh??!! If Baby Tark cared so much about children's health care, why didn't he lobby Johnny Casino and "Helluva" Heller to support SCHIP when it was up for a vote earlier this year? So he'll only agree to something after Harry Reid already gets it done? Weak.

And WTF with the new initiatives? He obviously never sees the polls. Nevadans want the public option, so he can take his silly "opt-out initiative" and "shove it where the sun don't shine"!

Oh, but wait! Miss Sue thinks she can "one-up" him on the crazy AND the stupid!

Lowden issued a statement challenging Reid to answer three questions about the legislation: one about the cost, another about whether the plan would raise taxes, and a third about whether it would improve Medicare.

Why doesn't she just read the legislation? Reid's worked to improve Medicare by cutting out the waste in the corporate subsidies to Medicare Advantage so that our tax dollars actually go to caring for seniors. And while there is a provision on taxing employee health benefits in the Senate bill that I hope is removed in Conference, the House's plan will not tax anyone making under $500,000 per year, which means that 99% of Nevadans won't be taxed for health care reform.

But hey, I'm just a progressive blogger. I'm not a Republican running for Harry Reid's Senate seat, so I don't have the privilege of foregoing the facts to talk random jibberish.

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