Monday, November 2, 2009

Hehe, Harry Reid Lets the GOoPers Have It...

So the Republicans are crying crocodile tears over "transparency". Give me a break! When were they ever "transparent" when they were in power?

Our Senator isn't letting them get away with their hypocrisy. He just slammed them on it!

While the two health care reform plans that are serving as the main building blocks for the merged bill have been publicly available for quite some time, I would note that the Republican leadership’s health care plan remains a secret, unless perhaps it does not exist.

Needless to say, I fully understand if your plan is still under development, and would not presume to suggest that you publicly share draft legislative text for even an individual element of your plan, let alone an entire bill, before it is finalized.

However, as soon as a comprehensive Republican alternative is complete, I hope you will be willing to immediately make it public. I am sure you agree that the American people deserve the opportunity to fully review both parties’ health careform plans before we begin this important debate.

Well, perhaps Republicans do have a health care plan... Just let people continue to die as HMOs keep making record profits! I guess that's why they're so afraid to actually put their plan in writing.

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