Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Letter to The R-J & The Sun on Dina Titus & Health Care

Have you been as irritated by all those lying big business ads attacking Dina Titus on health care as I have? If so, consider writing a letter to our local papers. Believe it or not, folks still pay attention to those "Letters to the Editor" on the opinion page.

If you'd like a little inspiration, check out what I just sent:

Our local airwaves have been hit recently with an onslaught of negative ads, funded by special corporate interests like the insurance industry and the US Chamber of Commerce, attacking Rep. Dina Titus for supporting HR 3962. And while I don't agree with everything in the bill, I fully support Dina's commitment to ensuring all of Nevada's working families have access to quality, affordable health care.

Wall Street has already had its billions in federal bailouts, but where's the help for us? HR 3962 doesn't hurt attack them, but it will help us by expanding coverage to 96% of Americans, increasing competition and consumer choice with a public health insurance option, and lowering the outrageous cost of health care in this country.

And unless one considers a $500,000+ per year salary "middle-class", this bill won't create any new taxes on middle-class families! Oh, and by the way, Dina worked on this provision and other parts of the bill to ensure that Nevada small businesses won't be hurt in any way by the bill, and that small businesses and their employees will be able to access the exchange.

So why should be believe a bunch of Washington Beltway and Wall Street outsiders trying to deceive us on health care reform? They don't have Nevada's best interests in mind, but Dina Titus' work on HR 3962 proves that she does.

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