Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bill Raggio Recall Quickly Becoming a Hot Mess... Thanks to the "Teabaggers"

“These folks are pretty motivated to show up at events and carry signs, but they don’t quite get how to take that enthusiasm and put it into political action,” said Chuck Muth, a conservative activist and political consultant. “This is the next step for Tea Party activists. If they want to show up at rallies and complain about things, that’s fine. But now is the time to take their words and put them into action.”

Hehe. If even resident far right crazy Chuckie Muth is abandoning you, then you're in deep sh*t. Of course since State Sen. Bill Raggio (R-Reno) pared down and "sunset" this year's big tax/budget package, as well as made sure it included the most regressive taxes possible, he's now being labeled a "LIB'RUL!!!!1111111!!!!!!11111" by the tea party crazies. Oh yeah, and they want to recall him, too.

Reno businessman Dana Allen, whose been active in local Tea Party rallies, has formed a committee to recruit volunteers for a potential recall petition against Raggio, a veteran lawmaker whose been the head of Senate Republicans since the 1980s.

Allen said he plans to file official recall documents this week. That would start a 90-day clock for collecting 14,281 valid signatures from voters in Raggio’s west Reno district to force a special recall election. [...]

Allen said the Tea Party activists, many of whom are [Ron] Paul supporters, are different from those who have failed to deliver in the past.

“It has gone farther than I was expecting,” Allen said of the Tea Party rallies. “They’ve helped create associations where people can start working together on things. This time is different.”

Of course, we can't take this threat lightly. Right now, Democrats in Washington and Carson City really need to do more to motivate Democratic voters to actually get out and vote. If Democrats don't vote, the teabaggers may just win.

But if the sane majority actually gets out and votes, like they did in NY-23 earlier this month, the teabaggers just can't win. They have no real issues to run on. And their hypocrisy on "less government", just as long as that means Taliban-style theocracy and government largesse only benefitting their big corporate buddies, is simply laughable.

And just like the NY-23 special election, it still seems they're more interested in imploding the Republican Party from the inside than making any real change in the real world. That's what it seems is happening with the Raggio recall attempt. If they want to take out the Republican Senate leader and one of the few respected Republicans left in Nevada, go for it. They'll only be hurting GOP attempts to look "mainstream" and acceptable for 2010. And if "moderate Republicans" like Brian Sandoval and Joe Heck keep trying to have it both ways and court the "teabagger vote" while trying to dupe Nevadans into thinking they're "moderates", they'll look awfully ridiculous standing by the very same people who are even trying to throw traditional conservative Republicans like Bill Raggio out of office.

Democrats still have work to do to survive 2010, but at least Republicans are making things easier by turning up the infighting to even more insanely laughable levels.

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  1. The morons and teabaggers that comprise them are merely loud, bumper-sticker-chanting idiots. But that's so attractive to the media that they could do harm.

    Luckily, people are getting angry at those angry people: