Tuesday, November 3, 2009

2010: One Year Out

Jon Ralston just caught respected DC paper The Hill's take on Nevada's contested federal races. Here's how they're calling them so far:

NV-Sen (Reid-D): Leans Democratic

NV-02 (Heller-R): Likely Republican

NV-03 (Titus-D): Leans Democratic

Honestly, I do think Harry Reid is improving his chances by showing some love for the Democratic base with his fight for the public option in health care as well as his recent efforts to advance LGBT civil rights and real solutions for the climate crisis. Oh yes, and the Republicans are just a hot mess. Things don't look as scary now as they might have two months ago.

Meanwhile, I'm not too worried about Dina Titus either. If "St. Joe of The R-J" couldn't even beat a low-profile candidate in his State Senate race, how the hell can he beat Dina? She's REALLY paying attention to concerns at home, and local voters always appreciate being paid attention.

Things aren't looking good for us in NV-02 right now, but maybe there's still time if someone else announces. Dean Heller seems to care more about being some "teabagger darling" than actually taking care of his constituents. However, Democrats actually need to run a good candidate against him to capitalize upon that frustration.

So there you have it, Nevada doesn't look to be going red any time soon. No need to worry, just work hard and encourage our Dems to do the same. We'll make it in 2010. :-)

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