Tuesday, November 10, 2009

And Conservatives Argue Against "Law Suit Abuse"?

So what the hell do you call this??!!

District Judge David Wall this morning denied a request by some Green Valley High School parents seeking to stop this weekend's performance of "The Laramie Project" and the musical "Rent" early next year.

Both plays have homosexual characters and deal with the theme of tolerance.

The judge ruled that the plays were voluntary for participants and audiences, and that "it's a matter of choice."

"We're ecstatic," said student Amanda Smith, 16, who plays a lead role in "Rent."

Smith said the theater students felt relieved that the plays could go on. She said they feel like they're doing something important.

A handful of parents and students showed up for the court hearing.

So a few "concerned parents" don't like this play... And they waste our tax dollars by filing a law suit to stop it??!! Again, it just goes to show the hypocrisy of the radical right. They whine and moan and scream and complain about "activist judges", then they go to court and demand that judges become "activists" and ignore the law when they don't like it.

Jeez, these plays couldn't come to Henderson at a more appropriate time...

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