Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Is Vegas Becoming Too Puritanical?

I'm really wondering now. After yesterday's arrests at The Hard Rock's Rehab Pool, I'm wondering if our good ol-fashion'd "Judeo-Christian-Mormon values" are ruining what's supposed to be "Sin City".

Think about it. The Sapphire Pool (topless) at Rio closed because of arrests. Prive at Planet Hollywood is hanging on by a thread after the arrests and temporary shutdown there. And now, we're hearing rumors about possible future raids on Pure and The Palms' clubs. WTF happened??!!

OK, OK, I know we need some type of regulations to keep people safe. I am a Democrat, after all, and I am a progressive. I do believe there's a purpose in having a government.

But come on, that purpose isn't supposed to be some Taliban or Saudi style "Vice & Virtue Police"! Honestly, I don't know why Metro wants to suddenly kick out the prostitutes, harass the junkies, and push around the drunks when they know Vegas is desperate for tourism. Come on, we promote ourselves as the "What Happens Here, Stays Here" town... So how do they think this will help our "libertarian wonderland" image?

Just how is it that Clark County and Nevada supposedly can't afford community health care and full-service DMVs, but can afford to bust into casinos and mess with patrons like this? Maybe we don't always like the behavior of these tourists, but that doesn't give us the right to tell them how to live their lives. Unless there are real, dangerous, violent crimes being perpetrated in the casinos, Metro needs to stop with the "Vice & Virtue" bullshit. Did I miss when Vegas was annexed by Utah?

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