Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"Your Dead Kids Don't Trump..."

Earlier this month, it was Chipotle. Now, it's Sonic & Chili's. For some reason, "suburban gun enthusiasts" have this urge to pack heat inside chain restaurants. Haven't they ever heard of Sriracha?

And haven't they ever heard of common decency? Maybe, just maybe, other customers want to eat their food without fear of a shootout?

As usual, the open carry activists immediately blamed someone else for their dumbassery actions. And as usual, their first target was Everytown/Moms Demand Action. How dare that Everytown request a safe environment where children and other law abiding civilians are present!

Remember "Joe the Plumber"? He's back (again). And this time, public intellectual Samuel Wurzelbacher has something important to say about free-dumb: "As harsh as this sounds – your dead kids don’t trump my Constitutional rights."

Oh really, Sam/Joe/Whatever-the-hell-we're-supposed-to-call-you-now? First off, you may have the Constitutional right to be an idiot... But you don't have any Constitutional right to threaten other people's lives with your idiocy. Even the US Supreme Court has made that clear.

And secondly, who is "Joe the Plumber" to throw shade at Richard Martinez and other parents who lost their children in the Isla Vista massacre? Who is "Joe the Plumber" to lecture Richard Martinez and the UC Santa Barbara community on how they're "supposed to handle" their grief? Doesn't he recognize the severity of what occurred last Friday?

Or is he just too busy repeating NRA talking points to even care? "Your dead kids don’t trump"... The "right" to scare paying customers away from a restaurant? "Your dead kids don’t trump"... The NRA's political agenda? "Your dead kids don’t trump"... The gun industry's fight against legislation backed by most Americans to prevent the piling up of any more dead kids?

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