Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Last month, we examined how national "TEA" flavored astroturf outfits were jumping into the #BundyRanch fiasco. In particular, Koch funded AFP rather quickly jumped in with inflammatory tweets and effusive praise for Cliven Bundy. AFP didn't let up in its #BundyRanch campaign...

Until it suddenly became politically inconvenient. Yet even when Cliven Bundy made interesting comments on "race relations" and Senator Dean Heller (R) started walking back his endorsement of the #BundyRanch "Range War", AFP never actually rebuked the Bundy Gang. It just scrubbed its web site and pretended that #BundyRanch was never its "Range War".

As we've been documenting here lately, Cliven Bundy and his gang of "outlaw cowboys" have been wreaking havoc upon the Virgin Valley. And yes, even after G-O-TEA politicians and media pundits dropped #BundyRanch as their outrage du jour, they continued to cause problems for Mesquite and Bunkerville residents. This is why Rep. Steven Horsford (D-North Las Vegas) and other local leaders have been calling for an end to the armed madness.

But again, all we're hearing from AFP is radio silence. After all its rabble rousing over #BundyRanch last month, it has nothing to say now? Is that because it's now too busy hating on the Columbus Zoo? Or is that because the Kochs have been too busy trying to buy more North Carolina judges?

The Kochs jumped into #BundyRanch when it was politically convenient. But when Cliven Bundy and his gang of "outlaw cowboys" suddenly put the Koch-topus into political trouble, they left the "Range War"... Yet they also left the militia gangs behind to fight each other and cause mayhem in the Virgin Valley. They were more than happy to turn this corner of Southern Nevada into their own personal political sandbox, then they just left that sandbox for us to clean up when their "playmates" became too hot to handle.

The Kochs spent $412 million during the 2012 election cycle. And as a result, we're now dealing with the worst Congress (their) money can buy.

They're at it again. They're already on another political spending spree. And this time, they're even setting their sights on local issues throughout the nation.

What will be the result of all this Koch flavored meddling? What happens when we let our public sphere become a sandbox for a few incredibly wealthy individuals who will leave no stone unturned to further their ideological goals? Are we about to see more political sandboxes turning out of control?

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