Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hot Scandal

Ready for some hot, hot, hot #Benghazi action? House Speaker John Boehner (R-Benghazi) most certainly is. And he doesn't care whether or not Democrats come along for the ride. He just wants to get his Benghazi on, baby!

Yet while he and the rest of his G-O-TEA acolytes (cough- Joe Heck -cough) prepare to take their Benghazimania to the next level, the rest of the nation keeps wondering why they're losing their s**t over this.

And why are they losing their s**t over this and not the greatest global security threat of our time? Why is it "overreaching" to talk about the very real threats posed by climate change?

While House Republicans are losing their s**t over a hashtag and some half-baked conspiracy theories, the rest of us are being scared s**tless by real life. And by real life, we mean the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. We've known for some time that the ice in Antarctica is melting faster than we're accustomed to. But now, we have confirmation that s**t is about to get awfully real far sooner than we had expected.

And no, we're not talking about "abstract models". We're talking about real life. We're talking about what we're already experiencing now. We're talking about our own future.

While G-O-TEA politicians obsess over their new favorite haute faux scandal, a very real scandal is unfolding before our eyes. This scandal is so real that the US Defense Department is now preparing for future climate relayed national security threats. What else do G-O-TEA politicians need to realize the actual hot scandal emerging just outside their front door?

For us here in Nevada, the Great Western Drought is already taking its toll. And for many other parts of the nation, this scandal has already reached a furious boiling point. So why can't Congress start investigating (and more importantly, acting upon) this very real & very hot scandal?

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