Thursday, May 22, 2014

Packing Heat

We've never quite understood why some of our friends have this ongoing love affair with Chipotle. Sure, we love the actual pepper. The fast food chain, on the other hand? Meh.

Earlier this year, certain groups decided to go beyond simply declaring their love for Chipotle (the fast food chain). They actually decided to #OccupyChipotle. But why? Oh, they wanted to feel their chiles with their military grade assault weapons.

Understandably, other Chipotle customers were disturbed by this. So Chipotle corporate headquarters just began asking customers to refrain from packing heat inside restaurants. And the gun fetishists were upset over Chipotle executives asking them not to bring their guns.

But wait, how did this even happen? How can this happen? In Texas, it's legal. And actually here in Nevada, it's legal.

And since we and several other states have no restrictions on military grade assault weapons, these individuals were able to carry their weapons into Chipotle. And since we and several other states don't guarantee background checks for gun purchases, we haven't really known who were packing heat at Chipotle and why they were doing so.

This is the problem. Not alleged "attacks on FREEDOM!" Not supposed "threats" based on outlandish conspiracy theories. No, this is the problem.

Sure, Chipotle's food may not pack much heat... But does that give certain customers the right to pack their own heat in the form of dangerous weapons? Keep in mind that at least some of these heat packing customers never underwent a background check.

We may not be all that into Chipotle, but other people are. Don't they have the right to order their (not really all that) Mexican food in a safe atmosphere? Must they be subjected to yahoos packing heat and brandishing weapons they could have obtained at a gun show or back alley without any background check? Shouldn't the heat be in the food, not in some customers' hands?

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  1. Do you really think you need to embellish this story by calling them "military grade assault weapons"? Do you even know what that means? I couldn't care less whether or not Chipotle's allows guns in their stores or not but don't lie about the fact to try to make your point. Chew on this, their are people all around you every day who are carrying concealed weapons. Here's something else to chew on: