Thursday, May 1, 2014

Armed Madness

Oops. Did we speak too soon? Have Cliven Bundy & his merry gang of "outlaw cowboys" just figured out a way to extend their 15 minutes of infamy?

Just when we thought the national media were done with them, Bundy's outrageously extreme militia "support crew" decided to make even more outrageous statements. And this time, they're gunning for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D).

No really, they're threatening Senator Reid again. And this time, they're specifically targeting his private parts.

But wait, there's more! Remember the Oath Keepers? Sharron Angle is a member. And the Southern Poverty Law Center has quite the thick dossier on the Oath Keepers and their extreme xenophobic anti-Constitutional pro-anarchy conspiracy theory charged agenda.

And apparently, the Oath Keepers were the "reasonable" ones at #BundyRanch. They were kicked out of the "Range War" last week by the other wannabe insurrectionists. And 2 Oath Keepers were physically assaulted by the other #BundyRanch militia. And the other militia were threatening a major gun fight.

Oh yes, and the Oath Keepers actually believed US Attorney General Eric Holder had authorized a drone strike on #BundyRanch. We can't make this sh*t up. And Jon Ralston has something to say to a certain US Senator about all this.

"To recap: These people who @SenDeanHeller calls "patriots" claimed the AG authorized a drone strike on Bundyville. #America #FOXy #loonville"

And frankly, the same applies to Cresent Hardy, Michele Fiore, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and all the other G-O-TEA politicians who oh so quickly hopped on the Bundy bandwagon (before he became a political liability). And the same applies to the NRA, the #1 gun industry cheerleader that never hesitates to encourage the kind of armed madness we're now seeing at #BundyRanch. So who's the "good guy with a gun" stopping the "bad guy with a gun" here?

Right now, we just see a bunch of bad guys with guns. And we see a whole lot of Mesquite & Bunkerville residents who are sick & tired of the armed madness. What were all these G-O-TEA politicians and gun lobby interest groups thinking when they endorsed this armed madness?

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