Monday, May 26, 2014

Into the Wrong Hands

It happened again. This time, it was Isla Vista, California, which is home to UC Santa Barbara. Seven people are now dead, including the suspected shooter, Elliot Rodger.

Once again, we saw the brutal reality of gun violence. Even though Elliot Rodger had obtained his semiautomatic pistols legally, friends & family had seen evidence showing that Rodger was preparing to commit a very heinous crime. Even local police ran into the warning signs (but seemed to miss them).

Make no mistake. These weapons are designed to kill. And when these weapons fall into the wrong hands, tragedy ensues.

Earlier this month, the NRA made a splash over its own "rebranding" campaign, complete with a brand new online TV network. Try as it might, but the NRA can't "rebrand" reality away. Over the weekend, Richard Martinez made that point very clear. He should know, as his son was one of the victims of the Isla Vista massacre.

Once again, we've seen the recipe for disaster executed. Someone didn't receive the treatment and care he needed. Instead, he was able to access deadly firearms. And we're once more witnessing the results of allowing lethal weapons to fall into the wrong hands.

Already, "TEA" fueled media pundits are trying to deflect blame onto someone else. "It's the feminazis' fault! It's the homosexuals' fault! It's a false flag government conspiracy!"

But of course, these "TEA" powered media personalities will never blame those who boast about being "what stood in the way" between this nation and better gun safety laws. Because of course, free-dumb isn't free. And it's best for us not to worry our little heads over dangerous weapons falling into the wrong hands.

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