Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Who's the "Good Guy With a Gun"?

No one can say we didn't sound the alarms. When Sharron Angle first mentioned "Second Amendment Remedies", our ears perked. And not for any good reason. We could read between the lines.

And frankly, it wasn't that hard to do so. She tried walking her comments back, but only out of political damage control. She never acknowledged the danger lurking within those words.

In recent days, we've seen "Second Amendment Remedies" return to center stage. Most notably, we've witnessed Cliven Bundy and his gang of "outlaw cowboys" declare a "Range War" against the federal government for daring to enforce the law.

Last month, we were introduced to Richard Mack, the ex-Sheriff from Arizona who's best known for his ties to the xenophobic and incredibly anti-government "Patriot Movement". When Mack took a leadership position at #BundyRanch, we knew this was going to turn violent... And racist.

Now, we're finding out about another key player at #BundyRanch. His name is Brad Rogers. He's the current Sheriff of Elkhart County, Indiana. And he actually took time off his actual job last month to fly into #BundyRanch and sing the praises of Posse Comitatus.

Before wading into #BundyRanch, Rogers was (in)famous for being schooled on actual Constitutional law on national TV. Perhaps that's why he made the pilgrimage to Bunkerville? He just needed a "meeting of the minds" with famed "Constitutional law expert" Cliven Bundy?

Whatever the case, we find it quite ironic that someone who's charged with enforcing the law has been endorsing outright violation of the law instead. And he flew into town all the way from Elkhart County, Indiana, to do so.

And that's not all. Already, the "Patriot Movement" is using #BundyRanch as a springboard for "Operation American Spring". And what might that be? It's basically an attempt to force President Obama and all Congressional leaders out of office.

Fortunately, this "Operation American Spring" doesn't seem to be attracting much support outside the fringe of the fringe. And there's increasing evidence suggesting the Bundy Gang's "Range War" may finally be nearing its last legs (literally). Still, it's frightening to think that we've come so close to seeing "civil war" erupt right here in Nevada. And it's downright irritating to see how G-O-TEA lawless behavior.

Oh, and we've yet to hear anyone at NRA explain who the "good guy with a gun" is at #BundyRanch. We still eagerly await that.

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