Wednesday, May 28, 2014


The video below pretty much sums it all up. What else is there to add? What else can we say?

OK, maybe we have more to say. After all, that's why we have this little corner of the internet.

However, we're just in this little corner of the internet. John Boehner (R-Ohio), however, is House Speaker. He sets the floor agenda. And he can schedule a vote for HR 15 whenever he wants.

So Speaker Boehner wants immigration reform? He can have it! All he has to do is schedule a vote for HR 15.

But, no. Instead of putting his floor schedule where his mouth is, Speaker Boehner continues to play this sordid game of charades. He's still blaming President Obama for Boehner's own caucus refusing to even vote on what already passed the Senate last year. And now, he's also blaming Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) for daring to call out Boehner's duplicity on immigration reform.

Republican "leaders" claim they need to "trust the President". President Obama has overseen a record number of deportations under his administration. In fact, this is why immigrant rights activists have asked the President to stop the deportations that are ripping American families and communities apart. And now, it looks like a deadline has been set for the House to act before the President takes further executive action.

Speaker Boehner and his Beltway posse can deny it as much as they want, but this deadline has been set. The only question left is this: Will they meet it, or will they try more excuses? If it's the latter, they will be the ones paying the consequences of missing this deadline.

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