Thursday, May 29, 2014

Anything But Glamorous

It seems like an eternity ago. Once upon a time, Cliven Bundy was a nationwide G-O-TEA celebrity. G-O-TEA politicians from across the nation (and some nearby Nevada communities) rushed to Bundy's defense, regardless of what the law had to say about Bundy's "Range War".

But then, Cliven Bundy opened his mouth... And some incredibly racist s**t flowed out. And all of a sudden, G-O-TEA celebrities no longer wanted to talk about Cliven Bundy. But then again, they also didn't want to talk about the armed madness he and his fellow "outlaw cowboys" have wreaked upon the Virgin Valley.

They won't be able to avoid the Bundy Gang forever. Even though Cliven & Carol Bundy have left the Republican Party (to join Janine Hansen's party), their "outlaw cowboy fan club" has returned to GoFundMe to collect more wingnut welfare "request funding for a feature length documentary". We can't make this stuff up.

It's nice to see that the Bundys are having so much fun with their "cute little armed insurrection". Perhaps they thought that since the NRA is jumping into the entertainment industry, #BundyRanch might as well "go Hollywood" as well. Yet while the NRA & the Bundys are glamorizing their "gun culture", others are seeing a different side of their "gun culture". People like Richard Martinez are seeing a far more dangerous side, one that the NRA & Bundy Gang prefer that we not discuss.

What happened in Isla Vista last Friday was not a game. What Elliot Rodger did was not "entertaining". And gun violence is anything but "glamorous".

It's painful. It's lethal. It's most certainly sorrowful. But really, it's anything but glamorous.

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