Friday, May 2, 2014

Real Life Nightmare

Yep, we had spoken too soon. Cliven Bundy and his merry gang of "outlaw cowboys" have found their way back onto national media. They're still brazenly violating all sorts of laws. And now, they're threatening local residents of Bunkerville & Mesquite.

Once again, Rep. Steven Horsford is asking law enforcement to listen to his law abiding constituents in the Virgin Valley and kick out the law violating militia groups. He even went on national TV again last night to plead his constituents' case.

Even though Sean Hannity has moved on to praise a convicted murderer (??!!) and other national G-O-TEA media personalities have found something else to harp about, Mesquite & Bunkerville residents are still being annoyed & harassed by the imported #BundyRanch militia. And the Bundy Gang still refuse to let up. Instead, they're now threatening local media that are not reporting #BundyRanch stories to their liking!

Oh, and the Bundy Gang now want to stage protests at Metro Police's Downtown Las Vegas headquarters because they still want Metro to arrest BLM agents... For trying to enforce the law! Seriously, we can't make this stuff up.

Sometimes we're tempted to simply point & laugh at the insani-TEA run amok at #BundyRanch. But sadly, this insani-TEA is not some harmless political #FAIL. Yes, the politics of this has boomeranged to the point of backfiring on the very local & national G-O-TEA politicians who were hoping to play this "SCANDAL!!!" to their political advantage. However, this is no longer simply a harmless political circus.

This hot mess has come to adversely affect the day-to-day life of the Virgin Valley. People are canceling their trips to Mesquite. They're worried about their kids going to school in Bunkerville. They're even calling Metro just to make sure the 15 Freeway is safe to drive on.

This has gone way out of hand. #BundyRanch may be the NRA's wet dream come true, but it's a real life nightmare for us here in Southern Nevada. And we just want this real life nightmare to come to an end already.

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  1. Guys, you all have to quit using these pendejos rhetoric, they're not "MILITIAS" They are malicious, yes, but they are also roving criminal gangs. Is it so hard to call them out for their actions rather than help to glorify them, call them wandering gangs of armed morons, they must be seen as laughing stocks.
    These are the same morons that used to be against anarchy when it was peacemakers and long hairs, now anarchism is okee dokee.