Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Actual Scandal

Here we go again. It's "SCANDAL!!!!" time. And more specifically, it's #Benghazi time.

Right now, House Democratic leaders are deliberating whether to participate in the new House Committee devoted to the G-O-TEA's favorite hashtag. Dare they risk legitimizing this farce? Or dare they miss an opportunity to call the G-O-TEA out on this farce?

It's not an easy decision... Unlike the actual scandal that needs to be not just investigated, but actually fixed.

It's been nearly 5 months since Congress let the federal unemployment insurance (UI) extension lapse. That's meant the loss of over $5 billion in economic activity. And it's meant unnecessary hardship for over 34,000 Nevadans and over 2.3 million Americans. Oh, and it may also soon mean the loss of over 240,000 jobs if Congress doesn't act soon.

Last month, the Senate passed bipartisan UI extension legislation. Yet since that Senate vote, the lower House of Congress has not touched UI. Even as the UI lapse has taken its toll on our economy & on over 2.3 million Americans, House Republican "leaders" have refused to schedule a #RenewUI vote.

In recent weeks, Congressional Republican "leaders" have claimed they want to find "solutions to poverty". One actual solution is right here. Instead of wasting any more of our tax dollars "investigating" a "scandalous" hashtag, they can #RenewUI and end the unnecessary suffering of millions of people who are just trying to get by.

Here we go again. While a haute faux scandal is about to be "investigated" to filth, the actual scandal is ignored. And actual people are suffering because of this. Does anyone else notice what's wrong with this picture?

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