Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Losing Culture War

We told you this was coming. When the US Supreme Court issued its US v. Windsor ruling, we sensed this would only the beginning of more federal courts ruling in favor of marriage equality. And since then, we haven't been disappointed.

Just this month, we've had two more favorable rulings: Idaho and Oregon. Federal judges just knocked down two more state marriage bans. And now, it only seems to be a matter of time before Nevada is next.

Governor Brian Sandoval (R) is still trying to figure out how he really feels about it. Adam Laxalt is still promising to fight against it. Monte Neil Stewart is still trying to convince a judge that segregation should be legal. And Cresent Hardy is still explaining to anyone who will listen what he means by "segregation laws".

So how's that "Republican rebranding" coming along? Georgia? Florida? Texas? Michigan? Nevada?

We sensed this was coming. G-O-TEA politicians across the nation are still in denial. Marriage equality is increasingly becoming the law of the land across this great land. Yet even as court after court strikes down more marriage bans, G-O-TEA politicians try harder to "rebrand" it away.

When will they finally realize they can't? Love is makes a family. All families deserve to be valued. And marriage is meant for loving families.

We told you this was coming. Marriage equality is increasingly becoming reality across the nation. It just remains to be seen how much longer G-O-TEA politicians want to continue fighting their losing "Culture War" to stop equality.

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