Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Notice Anything Different?

Gotta love that "Republican rebranding". Late last month, G-O-TEA media personalities were rushing to defend embattled racist billionaire slumlord Donald Sterling soon after they finished their worship ceremony for embattled racist "welfare cowboy" Cliven Bundy.

But now, Donald Sterling is trying to defend himself. So he went on CNN yesterday. And he declared Magic Johnson is not "a good example for the children"...

Because he is HIV positive. Oh, yes. That's right. He went there. (/facepalm)

After all, abusing one's tenants is far more honorable than someone who actually puts his money where his mouth is. How dare that Magic Johnson give back to his community! What kind of example is he setting up for the children?

Oh, but he's HIV positive! Yes... So? A number of Americans are. And they go on to live their lives. HIV is not a crime.

Harrassing tenants, however, is. And being a negligent landlord most certainly is. And Donald Sterling is most certainly guilty on both counts.

And speaking of negligent, let's return to our favorite negligent "welfare cowboy".

As we mentioned yesterday, the BLM is pursuing another court challenge to make Cliven Bundy pay up. Yet somehow, not even this is stopping his fan club from making a pilgrimage to Salt Lake City tomorrow to demand the feds give up land that has been federal land ever since The West became US territory. After all, Cliven Bundy knows a thing or two about "proper stewardship"...

And about [redacted]. And now, Ann Coulter & Rush Limbaugh want to tell us something they know about First Lady Michelle Obama. Because she dared to go to Twitter to demand Boko Haram release the 300+ Nigerian school girls they kidnapped.

Apparently, screaming at Michael Sam and HGTV wasn't enough. So G-O-TEA Culture Warriors are now throwing shade at Michelle Obama for demanding the safe return of the kidnapped Nigerian school girls. And they're reading Magic Johnson to filth for giving back to his community. And of course, they're still lusting after that "Range War" Cliven Bundy promised them.

So how's that "Republican rebranding" coming along? We're still wondering what's changed. Has the "brand" even been changed? We don't notice anything different.

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