Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"Rebranding"... A Hashtag?

As we noted yesterday, House Republicans are now too busy investigating a hashtag to accomplish anything that can actually help Americans. Yet while they're once again obsessing over ridiculous #Benghazi conspiracy theories, they're leaving real legislation to die grisly deaths in committee back rooms.

Case in point: ENDA. It easily passed the Senate last November. It's quite popular. And it's absolutely necessary to combat anti-LGBTQ discrimination and ensure that everyone who wants a chance to work can work.

Yet it's now languishing in some back room of the House side of the US Capitol. But why? Oh, Rush Limbaugh doesn't want "teh gay cootiez". Mike Huckabee wants us to be on "the right side of the Bible". And Cresent Hardy wants us to take his advice on "segregation laws".

A number of prominent Republicans want us to believe in "Republican rebranding". How are we supposed to believe it when hardly anything has really changed? House Republicans still refuse to give ENDA a floor vote. Instead, they're feigning concern over phantom "frivolous law suits".

And of course, they're pursuing their own sort of "frivolous suits"... Like #Benghazi. Because wasting their time and our money on already debunked #Benghazi conspiracy theories is more important than ensuring that Americans who want & need to work can work.

G-O-TEA politicians can spew out as many hashtags as they want. That won't change the fact that "Republican rebranding" has failed to bring that party into the 21st century. And really, no amount of cosmetic "rebranding" can supplant the need for real, substantive policy.

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