Monday, May 5, 2014

Shame on You

It's 2014. And this is still happening? We're still witnessing epic "slut shaming" in the public square. And to make this even worse, Metro Police are now engaging in it!

Is this why Metro has been "too busy" to clean up the Cliven Bundy armed fiasco it's let fester in the Virgin Valley? Has Metro just been "too busy" slut shaming young women instead?

Girls who are not sexually abstinent, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer Regina Coward reportedly said, typically wind up victims of sexual assault. Or they become members of a gang. Or they take drugs. Or they become prostitutes. [...]

The event’s program mingled its pro-abstinence message with video about women in dire circumstances. One video included interviews with a pimp and prostitutes and emphasized that women who sell sex for money are often forced into a kind of modern-day slavery. Another showed gruesome images of people who used hard drugs, including a woman who lost limbs in a meth lab explosion.

A survey published in 2006 found that 95 percent of Americans have had premarital sex. Most of these people are not prostitutes. Most of them also have never been injured in a drug-related accident.

What. The. F**k?! So Metro is actually wasting our tax dollars on "educating" our youth on unscientific propaganda. And keep in mind that this isn't just any propaganda. It's the same propaganda being pushed by the likes of Focus on the Family and other G-O-TEA/religious right outfits that are out to criminalize anything & everything other than marital, hetero-normative, "missionary position" sex.

This propaganda has no basis in science. It degrades women. And it does absolutely nothing to secure our communities. So why on earth is Metro now engaging in slut shaming?

[... I]t's not as if "slut-shaming" works in reducing teen pregancies and/or preventing the spread of sexually transmitted infections. If anything, the opposite may actually be true. Threatening young women won't stop the above from happening. Knowledge, on the other hand, will. After all, knowledge is power.

So we should know better. And the powers that be at the "newspaper" should have known better. What a shame.

And Metro should have known better. Are Metro chiefs still wondering why the Clark County Commission turned down the "More Cops Tax"? Here's a helpful hint: This is why!

We've seen armed madness take hold in the Virgin Valley. We've yet to hear straight answers from Metro on the many "officer involved shootings" of unarmed civilians. Public trust in our allegedly trustworthy law enforcement keeps dropping to new lows. And now, Metro wants to worsen its "image problem" by slut shaming our young women?

Shame on you, Metro.

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