Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Full Circle

We're approaching that time again. A number of important bills are sitting somewhere in the dark corners of various House Committees. Yet instead of actually working on those or other meaningful bills, House Republican "leaders" are instead...

Wait for it...

Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi!

Oh, yes. That's right. They're going there... Yet again.

In September 2012, an American consulate in Libya was attacked. Four people lost their lives. Numerous investigations have already been made since then, along with recommendations on how to improve embassy security. Yet despite their blustering accusations and numerous investigations, Congressional Republicans have never found any truth to their accusations.

In late 2012, Mitt Romney reduced it to a cheap political attack. And in 2014, House Republicans want to reduce it even further, down to a mere farcical hashtag. It's become quite clear what many Republican politicians on Capitol Hill plan to do with #Benghazi.

However, there is an interesting twist to this story. House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) selected Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-South Carolina) (sorry, Joe Heck) to lead his #Benghazi fishing expedition witch hunt media circus "Select Committee". And while Speaker Boehner probably didn't intend to do this, he actually gave us a chance to talk about the real scandal on Capitol Hill with his choice for this committee investigating a sad tragedy that he's politicized into a haute faux scandal.

So why are we talking about some House Member from South Carolina? Before Rep. Gowdy became famous for this #Benghazi committee, he was best known for his successful "TEA" fueled primary challenge to then Rep. Bob Inglis. He and his "TEA" powered allies hit Inglis on several issues, but they probably hit hardest on Inglis' support for some sort of action on climate change.

So now, we're coming around full circle... Or at least Trey Gowdy is. He attacked Bob Inglis for daring to admit that we must do something about climate change. And now, he's attacking President Obama and Hillary Clinton in hopes of damaging them politically... And distracting us from real problems such as climate change.

The National Climate Assessment was released by The White House earlier today. It details the dangers we face if we don't take further action. And it points out how Nevada and the rest of the nation are already feeling the effects of climate change now.

So we've come around full circle. G-O-TEA media spinners are attacking President Obama for taking action on climate change instead of succumbing to their latest partisan witch hunt. And they're jumping into a full circle jerk over Trey Gowdy's new "Shade-ful Committee". And they're excited about a committee devoted to waste taxpayer dollars on a partisan witch hunt. Oh, and the guy who's in charge of this committee won a seat in Congress in the first place because he bashed an incumbent Republican for daring to admit the truth about climate change.

So just what was Speaker Boehner thinking when he named Trey Gowdy to chair this committee?

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