Tuesday, October 1, 2013

House of Turds, Game of Bulls**t

So I was wrong. Monday last week, I was convinced the latest and greatest manufactured crisis would be over by now. That didn't happen. Instead, they forced America into a government shutdown that will hurt many millions of American families while making out nation the global laughingstock.

Because House Republicans refused to end their mean-spirited temper tantrum, they shut down the government. It's really that simple. They don't want "compromise". They want to humiliate and delegitimize the duly elected President.

Moments ago, Rep. John Larson (D-Connecticut) took to the House floor to tell his G-O-TEA colleagues to grow up.

And he's not alone. Shortly after midnight (Eastern Time), Senator Harry Reid (D) called out House Republicans for refusing to acknowledge reality.

And it's not just Democrats any more. Even former Republican leaders are calling on their party to knock it off! Republicans already got their austerity. What else do they expect?

Americans are sick and tired of this endless bullshit. The New York Daily News' cover spoke to the frustration of most Americans. And the latest Quinnipiac Poll shows just how unpopular Congressional Republicans have become.

Republicans can end this manufactured crisis whenever they want. Do they want to end it? Or do they want to continue punishing people for the "crime" of not voting for their failed policies and candidates?

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