Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Bitter End?

Whoops. Someone's in the hot seat... For speaking a little too much truth.

Shortly after Governor Brian Sandoval (R) sounded the alarms on the trouble that lies ahead if the G-O-TEA Shutdown continues, other Republicans sounded the alarms on Sandoval deserting their sinking ship. So of course, Sandoval's political team tried to spin it away. Yet even then, the Governor begged all of Nevada's Members of Congress to end the Shutdown Sh*tfest ASAP.

At least Governor Sandoval doesn't have to feel alone in begging his own party to stop the insani-TEA without looking too rational "liberal". Late yesterday, 2008 Republican Presidential Nominee and current US Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) begged House Republican "leaders" to allow a floor vote on the very budget agreement that Republicans themselves considered a "victory" just a month ago. And even the Koch Brothers are publicly backing away from the monster they created.

This week, the once great Republican Party descended into pure chaos. The House G-O-TEA Caucus finally fell into diaspora yesterday after some realized their previous ransom demands gained their party nothing but disdain and ridicule. This likely led to House Republican "leaders" (not so) privately admitting defeat and begging Democrats for some sort of mercy.

The irony of this whole debacle is that the supposed "party of personal responsibility" refused to take any. Some of them truly believed they could get away with destroying the global economy. And others have denied the severe consequences of their crazed actions.

The insani-TEA can't last forever. We just can't afford it. What we've already endured has caused enough harm. How much more must we suffer?

In addition to the economic harm Congressional Republicans have caused the nation, they've also harmed themselves politically. Thanks to their insani-TEA, Democrats now have a chance of winning the House next year. Republicans' poll numbers have fallen into the toilet as they've become the obvious villains in this lurid American horror story. How much more of this do they really want to endure?

This is why the end game may finally be in sight. Even though the G-O-TEA faithful demand an epic fight to the bitter end, Republican "leaders" may finally be recognizing that the bitter end is simply too close for comfort. With only a week left until the Armageddon deadline, they don't have much time left to waste. And as they go to meet President Obama this afternoon, Americans are demanding that they finally call it quits.

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