Monday, October 7, 2013

How Not to Do Business

Today is supposed to be a critical day in determining America's economic future. The APEC Summit is now underway in Bali, Indonesia, and leaders from all the major Pacific nations are there to discuss trade and commerce...

But wait, there's someone missing in Bali. Oh, yes. That's right. President Obama had to cancel his trip to APEC because he had to deal with the G-O-TEA temper tantrum that's hurting the American people and threatening the world economy. Because some G-O-TEA politicians still refuse to accept reality, President Obama could not make the case for America in front of Asia's political leaders and the world's business leaders.

If Congressional Republican "leaders" allow their "TEA" tinged troops to force America into default, Goldman Sachs estimates a 4.2% drop in the nation's GDP for the year. US and global business leaders are stressing that they're already beginning to feel the pain of the shutdown and fearing what lies ahead if default occurs. People around the world are asking why what's supposed to be the world's #1 superpower can't even open its government and pay its bills...

Yet House Republican "leaders" continue to threaten default and further shutdown. No one really knows how to interpret their mixed messages any more. And no one even knows what their strategy is any more (if they even have one).

Now, even Members of Congress are worried about what may happen in the next ten days. And even a few Republicans are admitting their party screwed up in shutting down the government and threatening default. We're in an awfully ugly situation now, yet it didn't have to be this way.

And not only is Capitol Hill looking ugly here in The States, but the rest of the world is trembling in fear and disgust over our broken Congress as well. The President couldn't even make a major global trade summit because of G-O-TEA intransigence. And if we go down in default, we risk taking the world down with us.

It really shouldn't be hard to understand: This is not how to do business.

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